Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free PSN Codes

There's only one way to get free psn codes. Follow these steps to get $10, $20, or $50 free psn codes. just by completing these simple steps. 

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Getting free psn codes like this is so easy! Anyone who can use a computer and has half half a brain can do it. Just fill out advertisements and get free psn codes! In my first week I got a $50 free psn code!

There is really only one way of getting free psn codes and that's by doing offers. Offers are advertisements that when filled out correctly, they give you points or cash. Surveys are long question airs that offer points or cash for the completion of the survey. Registration is free and there is no cost for participation. Many people will sign up but only a few will actually complete the surveys. In most cases, getting offers or surveys to credit has a learning curve. 

What I have learned about getting free psn codes is that it takes some time to get the points for the psn codes. Most likely it would take all day to get 1 $20 PSN Code. However, I have found that if you just do at least 10 offers/surveys each day then at the end of the month you would end up with enough points to get a $50 code. Doing 10 offers/surveys each day will guarantee you a place in the race for the $40 contest. 

There is a contest for the people who complete the most surveys. At the least a person that entered the contest could easily win $5. However, the contest is pretty easy if you complete at least 10 offers. Participation in contests will assure that you get your free psn code faster.

Doing 10 offers a day is super easy, but whats even easier is finding people that would like to do the same thing as you. Once you refer a friend you will earn at the most $0.25 for them signing up, then $0.25 cents when they complete their first offer. You will also earn 15% of what ever they make for life. Even if you just focused on finding people that want to sign up, you will still be able to get a free psn code. 

Completing offers and surveys are stupidly easy to do if you know how to do them. The basic mechanics of a an offer is a group of individual offers inside an offer. If you complete any of the individual offer, your offer will credit to your account. When starting an offer you must always use a new email address, and if you don't, your offer will have a 80% chance of not going through. When filling out the forms use real legitimate information, because these companies check for fake information, and will not credit your account if it's invalid. completely fill out the offer and click submit. Clicking submit will take you to a new offer. Just keep completing the offers. If the offer takes you to a registration page, fill out the offer and click submit, then click skip to go to the next offer. 

Once you finish your offers you want to focus some time on getting referrals. The simplest way of getting referrals is by creating a video, posting it to YouTube and using enhance views to increase your view count. Once you reach around 3,000 views you will get at least 1 sign up per day per video.

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