Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Codes For PSN

Free Codes For PSN

Click Here To Get Psn Code Survey 

Hello Fellow gamers, I'm a single father that doesn't want to purchase Playstation Network Cards. I love playing Call of Duty and Little Big Planet with my kids when I get home from work but I don't want to pay for them when I have to buy other important items. I put this site up for one reason. I have searched the web just like you, long and hard in search for free psn  codes so I can get games, movies and expansions. Nothing as come close to what I am offering. If you need free PSN codes I urge you to sign up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 
If you sign up and complete 1 survey I will even give you a ticket for my PSN raffle!

Free codes for PSN are very easy to get. If you look search hard enough, you'll find a lot of results that really don't amount to anything. Many sites claim to give you free codes for psn if you lke their page and complete a survey. Other sites may ask you to complete a survey to download free codes for psn or a psn generator. There are others that will tell you that there is no such thing as getting free codes for psn. There is no magic way to get free codes for psn. In fact you have have to do some work to get free codes for psn. In this post I will show you a few ways to get free codes for psn. There are a lot of people asking for free codes for psn. Many of them are begging for codes and asking people if they can spare a code or two. There method is correct but their approach is definitely wrong and they wont get free codes for psn by doing that. The correct approach is by promoting a website that gives points for completing surveys, games, videos, downloads and surfing the web. If you wanted free codes for psn then all you have to do is find ten people that would sign up under your referral link. Once they complete a survey, the site will give you $1 if their from the United States. After you have found ten people to complete a survey you should have $10. That's enough to purchase free codes for psn.

All you have to do is refer people to the website under your link. There are people on this site that get tons of referrals each month and their making $1 per referral if they completed an offer. Those people never have to purchase codes for psn. In fact, all they have to do is wait until they get $50 and they exchange their money for free codes for psn. They never have to touch a single survey.

Now, I'm not knocking the surveys. There pretty easy to do and take about 20 minutes to complete. If you were to complete 5 surveys today and 5 tomorrow then you would have enough for free psn codes. There are times when I'm short a few dollars for a $50 PSN Code and they help complete how much I need to redeem my free codes for psn.

The last way to get a free psn code is by doing trial pay offers. These offers require you have a credit card. The first time I needed free codes for psn I signed up for Netflix and Game Fly. I had enough points to redeem a  $20 PSN Code. As a bonus I was able to get a free game and watch videos for a month free. After my trial period I canceled both services.

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