Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free PSN Code Revolution

Free Psn Codes

Here is a simple solution to all your psn codes and points. This is the only way to get free psn codes guaranteed. I even guarantee it so much I some times post psn codes I purchase and put them on here.

Step 1:Sign up here.
Step2: Complete simple offers and get your friends to sign up under you and have them complete offers.
Step3: Earn enough points and cash to redeem a code.

Method: This is a easy way to grab a $20 psn code. simply sign up here, and complete the high offers this site has. Then find enough friends that would sign up under you and complete a few offers. In a matter of minutes you could have a free psn code. This site will pay you to get friends and referrals to complete offers on percentage. As well as paying you to complete them. Just cash out a $20 psn code and they will email you the code under your email address you signed up with.

As an incentive for you doing this, I will some times drop psn codes in to my fanpage. Usually a $20 PSN CODE.


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