Monday, January 30, 2012

Get More Free PSN Codes

Where Can I Get Free PSN Codes

Theoretically, if you referred enough people, you wouldn't have to do offers and surveys. People would be doing them for you. Even if you just focused on getting sign ups, you will still make points and cash that can be redeemed for your free psn code. All you would have to do is log in once a  month to redeem your cards.

Enhance view YouTube Method

Start by signing up to Enhance views. Once you have signed up just focus on getting as many credits as possible. The way I did it was by running enhance views auto viewer when I was sleeping. In just a few days I had more then enough credits to get 5,000 views.

Create a video using Its a free website that will walk you through creating videos.Make sure you include your referral links in the description area of YouTube. Once your video is posted to YouTube start using enhance views on it. Just focus on the views. If you add any likes or comments do not spam them. At the maximum get 20 comments and likes through out the day. Start getting views slowly, don't get your video over viewed or it will freeze. In the begging it is recommended that you request 50 views each time until your video gets 1,000 views.

This simple strategy allows you to get views on auto pilot. The reason you will get referrals is because your video will be displayed in the now viewing section and organic traffic will flow to your video. This is an easy 1-3 Referrals per day per video.

Sign up with Enhance Views

Don't have the time to create a video? No problem, Below are a few videos available for download. Simply click the link, complete an offer to unlock the download. Then upload the video to YouTube and add your ref url in the descriptions. Then use Enhance Views and your ready to go!

Sleek Look + Tutorial + Muted Sound for Music Background + Prize Redemption

Cool Blue + Audio Tutorial + Prize Redemption

Blue 3D - Cool transitions + Muted sound for YouTube tracks + Offer Completion Tutorial + Redemption Tutorial

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