Friday, June 15, 2012

PSN Code Generator

PSN Codes Generator

Hello Fellow gamers, I'm a single father that can't afford to purchase Playstation Network Cards. I love playing Call of Duty and Little Big Planet with my kids when I get home from work but I can't afford to pay for them when I have to buy diapers and baby food. I put this site up for one reason. I have searched the web just like you, long and hard in search for free psn  codes so I can get games, movies and expansions. Nothing as come close to what I am offering. If you need free PSN codes I urge you to sign up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 
If you sign up and complete 1 survey I will even give you a ticket for my PSN raffle!

There are a lot of people out there searching for free psn codes and believe that psn code generator will do the trick. Many people don't know whats going on behind the scene. I have been active on many forums that offer real psn codes. Many people will sell a list of used PSN codes for $1. The person who bought the codes then creates a simple generator that spits out code after code. Now a few things can happen. The first is that there is a virus or a Trojan attached to the generator that will damage your computer or even worse leave it vulnerable to sensitive information. These are just programers that want to have some fun messing with easy targets. The second thing that may happen is that you might have to do a survey to unlock the download. Once you have completed the download you will find that your codes don't work. You pretty much made them up to $1.00 for doing the survey but wasted your time. The last and even worse is that if the generator actually works and hacks into the Playstation Network you may be charged with hacking. Thats a federal offense and I'm sure you do not want to be responsible for. If you are looking for free playstation network codes then go to Playstation Network Free Codes.

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