Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Playstation Network Codes

Free Playstation Network Codes
Where Can I Get PSN Codes For Free

Hello Fellow gamers, I'm a single father that can't afford to purchase Playstation Network Cards. I love playing Call of Duty and Little Big Planet with my kids when I get home from work but I can't afford to pay for them when I have to buy diapers and baby food. I put this site up for one reason. I have searched the web just like you, long and hard in search for free psn  codes so I can get games, movies and expansions. Nothing as come close to what I am offering. If you need free PSN codes I urge you to sign up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 
If you sign up and complete 1 survey I will even give you a ticket for my PSN raffle!

I don't think anyone promotes this option for getting a free $20 Playstation Network Codes.
The site that I am referring you to is 100% legit and has paid cash for completing offers. If you follow these simple directions you will get a $20 free playstation network codes sent to your email address.
 Step 1: Click here to sign up. verify your address.
 Step 2: Click here and sign up for Gamefly and Netflix
 Step 3: Click here to order your free $20 PSN Code

 Wait 3-5 business days and you will get the code emailed to you. Then cancel your subscriptions after your trial period ends.


Free PSN Codes

To be completely honest with you, there are only a few ways to get free Playstation Network codes.
There are tons of sites on the web that claim that there are generators or hacks.
There is no such thing as a generator or a hack. Hacking the Playstation network to get
free Playstation codes will definitely get you banded or worse. There are only two real ways to get
free Playstation network codes. The first way is by joining a GPT website. GPT simply means get paid too. A GPT site will pay you do complete surveys, download software to your computer, search the web, play video games, click on websites, and so much more. Once you have enough points or cash all you have to do is redeem your code. The websites admin will then approve your request and you will get the code via email with in 2-4 business days. Now this may seem hard to comprehend real but it is. If you earn enough money on these sites then you most surely will get a free Playstation network code.

Step 1: Sign up with the email address you want your free Playstation Network codes to be emailed to. Once you have signed up check your email and confirm the email sent to you.

Step 2: Earn Points: Complete as many offers as you can in a week. Even if you only receive credit for 2 surveys a day you will have enough at the end of the week for a free Playstation network code.

Step 3: Redeem your free Playstation Network codes

The second way of getting free Playstation network codes is by referring people to the GPT site. These sites pay out big. If you refer 10 friends and you ask each of them to complete a survey then you will earn $10 if they are from the United States. Thats half a $20 Playstation network codes right there. Many people don't do this for the simple fact that they don't think that this will work but I promise you will earn a free Playstation network codes by doing any of the two methods.


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