Thursday, June 6, 2013

PSN Code Free 06-06-13

We have added a new psn code free! This code is available for the first person that can redeem the code. However, do note that you may have plenty of time to download this new psn code. Our $20 PSN Code was purchased on 3-26-13 and wasn't redeemed until last night. We don't know who redeemed the code. However, our advertisers alerted us when it was downloaded. We have now taken it out of our system. We will be adding an new $20 psn code to the site later this week. As for now we only have a $10 and $50 PSN code. This codes are available at no charge and you can claim your psn code free right now.

I would like to say that redeeming a psn code free is very difficult to complete. However, if you are a person that does not give up and will keep trying then this is for you. There will be lots of people that will fail the redemption process as will be expected but only one person will go to the very end and redeem their code. Who ever that is, I'm sure to say that your drive will be rewarded. At the end of this process you will walk away with a psn code free.

So here is what you need to do:
Step 1: Click on the link above the picture
Step 2: Scroll down to the "instant psn codes"
Ste 3: Click on any code you want to start the redemption process.

  • Our advertisers will not tolerate any fake information. Doing so will void credit for the offers.
  • Use real name, address, email, and phone numbers.
  • You may create a new email address as. It is recommended to create 1 per survey.
  • Say "yes" to 3 offers in the path. Submit email address and follow the path until the 3'rd page. Then skip to the next until you reach the "thank you" page.
  • Clear your cookies after each offer.
  • Leave any survey tabs open until the offer credits.
  • If you download games or apps make sure you run them. Once you run them and get credit for them you may uninstall them. 
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