Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PSN Code Generators Exposed!

PSN Code Generators Exposed!

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PSN Code Generators are said by those creating them to give vast amount of money on the Playstation network. With Playstation currency there is a growing need for free psn codes. These individuals are able to target the less fortunate by creating PSN code generators and stream line income into there pockets effortlessly. At the time of writing this article there are over 200,000 search requests on Google for psn codes. Meaning that there are a large amount of individuals that believe PSN code generators actually work. In this post I will discus why programs might stoop so low as to make these programs, how they get people to fall for them, and how they create these bogus programs. At the end of this article you should have the knowledge to understand what these programs are meant to achieve and how they function.

PSN Code generators are created by low level programers. Most likely individuals who have dropped out of school and searching for a way to make a living. These people would be knowledgeable in the very basics of C++ programing. The process to create such a program could be found online or at a community college as an intro level C++ class. Creating a PSN code generator could be done very quickly depending on how much the programer wants it to be believable. However, the program doesn't have to look nice, it just has to function properly. Once the program is finished they will purchase a large amount of Playstation network cards available at any store or found at amazon or best buy.

Most of the time the programer will want to purchase a large amount of products such a video game. In this case they will purchase around 50 to 60 Playstation network cards. Next they would enter all the PSN codes into the generator's database so the program could shuffle the numbers randomly. Thus making it believable that there are many codes to choose from. Once the program is finished and loaded with codes the programer will create a YouTube video providing proof that the PSN code generator works as intended. The individual will randomly select codes and redeem them. Next the programer will compress the generator in a .zip or .rar password protected file. Then they will create a text file with the password and upload it to sharecash or any other survey for download file host. Once they have the link of the password file they will create an additional file and explain that the user must visit the link in order to retrieve the password. They will then .zip or .rar the password protected generator along with the text file that explains where to go to get the password and upload it to a free file host. Once they have the link of the free file host they will upload their video to YouTube and include the link in the description area. Finally they will buy or earn fake views, comments, likes, and favorites to make their video seem real.

The end user will believe that the program is real and will download it. Once they download the PSN code generator they will try to extract it. Once they realize that they need a password they will check the password.txt file and will learn that they have to go to a different link to extract the password. In order to get the password the user must complete a survey or download an application and install it. Once they have done so they will be able to download the password. When the password is downloaded the user will unlock the generator. However, the user will find that every PSN code that they enter will be redeemed by the programer. In some cases the user may spend several hours trying to find a psn code that will actually work. In the end the user has spend a long time trying to find a free psn code and has made the programer $1 - $20 depending on the type of survey.

PSN code generators are fake and will under no circumstances work regardless of how long you attempt to put the codes into the Playstation network. The only real way to get free psn codes is by completing surveys for points that can be exchanged for psn codes. So in conclusion, you might want to think twice before downloading a psn code generators. The end result will be making some one else money on a PSN code generator that did exactly what it was suppose too... Make some one else money.

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